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Thank you for visiting my site.. I hope you will take a moment and let me know you were here by signing my guestbook. Please feel free to leave any comments that you may have and don't forget to tell me which photo you liked the best....

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Question   Great photos...
You have some serious skills. I love the animal photos a lot. Especially the lion. So majestic and captured perfectly. I also like the family photos. My favorites are definitely the animals though. Thanks for sharing.

- Jessica Smith November 05, 2013

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Question   great!
Wow! Great photos!!

- Carrie Edds January 10, 2013

  Answer Wow, Steve! You do an awesome job in photography!

- Dave Bontrager  April 02, 2013

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Question   gallery
Finally got on your web site! Great pics! Can't wait for you to take our pictures!

- Marvin Miller September 30, 2012

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Question   Beautiful
Very nice pics! Thanks for sharing these with me!

- Dania Cueto September 27, 2012

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Question   Steve's pictures
Love the pics!!! Very talented

- Tabitha Johnson July 26, 2012

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Question   Our Fave Pix...
You have an amazing talent! I love them all, but if I had to pick just one, it would be the one with the two trees and the stairs in the woods for sure. I love the serenity of it. I also really liked the "Evening Drink" picture. Thank you for sharing your art with us Steve! Who knew "the schwan guy" was so talented?!?! =D

- Pat & Jamie Lynch July 14, 2011

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Question   to our schwans man!
steve... those are all great pictures. I look forward to booking an appointment with you for my sons senior pictures.!

- christine krom July 05, 2011

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Question   Residential/Commercial Photography
Hi Steve! Just looked at your photo galleries and I'm SUPER IMPRESSED!! Definitely will consider you if you are interested in work. I see you are a pastor in Shipshewana?!?! How serendipitous! Or maybe just God-sent? Either way, would definitely like to see more of your portfolio sometime.
Olivia Weber - Greentree Graphics

- Olivia Weber May 10, 2011

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Question   Awesome Pictures
Hi Pastor Steve,
I love the pictures! You have some real talent. I especially like the photos at Bonneville Mill. That place use to be my little time out to think place to go when I lived up there.

- Robin Sanders April 22, 2011

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Question   Pics
Hey Uncle steve! I love your pics! I'll give you a call!

- Christian BUrman November 26, 2009

  Answer Hi Steve,
I love your photos! You are so talented!I like all of your photos-love the cover page with the autumn colors.

- Mary Coyle  November 03, 2017

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Question   Nice Web Site
Hey Steve, thought I would take a few minutes to check out your site. I am very impressed. You do good work. Love the music on your site as well.

- Rita Bagnall November 02, 2009

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Question   Stopped in to check out your web site
Very nice pictures. I especially like the cliff photo.

- Sherry DePoy April 14, 2009

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Question   just stopping by
not too bad a site a little bland being just black and white but nice site overall

- Jonathan Cox March 28, 2009

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Question   photos
Do you have any photos of deceased Star Trek crew members?

-  March 21, 2009

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Question   Yall have some really friendly service
Dude this here photo market is far out.

- Billy Joe Jim Bob Vanderwall March 21, 2009

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Question   Cubs picture
It's the sweetest family photo

- Beth Lewis March 21, 2009

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Question   Go cubs
wow these are really great! I'm so impressed!

- Ron Santo March 15, 2009

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Question   GO Cubs
Hey there no way your as big of a Cubs fan as me but you should put more Chicago pictures up.

- Jacob Lewis March 15, 2009

  Answer Well I may just do that just so you will realize I am a bigger fan...

- Stephen D. Lewis  March 21, 2009

  Answer if either of you 2 were real cubs fans you would go to every game or at least have a site devoted to it lol

- Jonathan Cox  March 28, 2009

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Question   Great composition!
Hi Steve...VERY NICE! I especially like the lighthouses.

- Sherry Lantz December 17, 2008

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Question   Nice Work Stephen
Just admiring your work

- Walt & Dania Cueto June 12, 2008

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