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Question   just visiting
great pictures we will be calling you for a family shot.

-  July 15, 2007

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Question   God given talent
I am impressed with your work. If I ever need a professional photographer I definately will call you

-  May 30, 2007

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Question   all photos
These are fantastic pictures Steve. I would really love to have a couple made into some framed artwork for when we redo the inside of the family room. Again these are great photos!!

-  March 21, 2007

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Question   Nice photos

I really enjoy your photos. They are very beautiful. I'm thinking that my mom and I will be calling you this week. We just have to make final decisions on who we want to choose for the wedding!

-  March 16, 2007

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Question   Impressed
I like the site. Your pictures are great Steve. Good luck on your business venture.

-  February 24, 2007

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Question   How great your pics are
I love your pictures,They are all wonderful and beautiful. Your pictures have meaning to them I love to learn more about photography, for I have an interest in photography.
Keep up the good work!

-  January 02, 2006

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Question   Nice Site
Captain Kirk,
Exploring your site on 1/4 impulse, checking out your pictures. You have a nice web site here. Looks like you have fun doing what you do. I can only think of one thing that would make it even more enjoyable, if you would switch to a Canon camera. Until then, make it so.

-  December 19, 2005

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Question   Starfleet Command

There seems to be a great deal of emotion oozing all over this site. Are you sure this is what you want to display. Couldn't you just display a nice game of chess? I also am very concerned about your party habits. At least I assume that's whats going on, because I heard you got "stoned."
Hope you feel better. Live long and prosper.


-  December 10, 2005

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Question   letting you know I was here
Hello...Steven how are ya?you want to know which photos I like the best huh? Well I dont see none of me so I guess I'll just have to say all of them lol.seriously they are all fantastic I enjoyed them all great work Cuz.:)

-  December 01, 2005

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Question   comments
Love your work Steve! Great Job! All the photos are wonderful. My favorites are the waterfalls, Mt. Rushmore, the scenery and buildings etc., great angles on some of those!! Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing more.

-  September 20, 2005

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Question   Photograph
Pastor Lewis,

Thank you for your card and this wonderful web page, I loved looking at ALL your pictures, and I think I loved Bonniville Water Falls the best. God Bless you and I pray that you have great success with your web site.

Vern & Judy Hopkins

-  July 30, 2005

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Question   Weaver family reunion
Steve Thought you & Denny did a good job . Can`t wait to see the photo`s . Thought the Playfull Photo`s ( Cover photo) was good .

-  June 15, 2005

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Question   Admiring your Art
Hey Steve your pics are great good luck with building your bussiness.

-  May 21, 2005

  Answer Thanks Michelle, Keep checking in as I will be updating on a regular basis.

-  May 23, 2005

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Question   Thank you for the site info!
Wow! You take great shots Steve! I will pass on your card/web site info to anyone I know that might need pictures taken.

-  May 11, 2005

  Answer Hey thanks for checking out my site. I hope you will come back as I continue to expand it..

-  May 12, 2005

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Question   Great site
The site looks great! We'll let you know when we need pictures.

-  May 07, 2005

  Answer Thanks Tricia... I am glad you checked out the site and I appreciate your comments.

-  May 07, 2005

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Question   The awesome site
Site looks great Steve!! Really liked some of the places that you've traveled to!

-  May 06, 2005

  Answer Hey you guys, thanks.. Really glad you came by to visit. I hope you'll keep checking it out.. See you Memorial day.

-  May 07, 2005

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Question   Awesome site
Awesome shots...thanks for sharing your website with us. I will give you a call when we're ready to take the next step in getting some photos.

-  May 04, 2005

  Answer Looking forward to having our family pictures taken

-  May 13, 2005

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